Customer Agreement / Terms and Conditions

Please review this entire page. By signing and/or electronically approving the provided Quote, you are agreeing to all of the terms, conditions, and specifications of this form and the Quote / Invoice.

• The customer will provide EverClean with exclusive access to areas covered by the Quote.

• While EverClean is on location at your property, you are responsible for keeping all children, pets, as well as other individuals away, form the work areas. Children and pets must be kept off work surface after our work is complete until dry to ensure safety. We are not responsible for any injuries or damages as a result of the disregard of this term/condition.

• By signing this Quote you agree to provide EverClean the right to use an onsite water supply as needed to complete the stated project without compensation. If an offsite water supply is required it will be at an additional charge. It is the Customer’s responsibility to make sure the water supply is on and working before we arrive. Additional charges may be applied if the water is not available.

• Driveway should be clear of automobiles or obstacles prior to house/building washes. Removal and replacement of grills, deck furniture, planters, etc., is the responsibility of the homeowner. Should we need to remove items from the deck, we will not be responsible for breakage or for storage issues. An additional charge will be applied for the time and labor devoted to the removal of these items. Clear the working area of all objects such as grills, moveable lighting, furniture, plants, rugs, etc., and place them at least 10 feet from the surface to be cleaned. A $25 minimum charge may be added to the bill if EverClean is required to move items from or around the deck or inside the house. If there are any problems with moving items prior to the project start date, you will notify EverClean.

• EverClean is not responsible for damages due to improperly installed siding, loose shingles or siding, broken or open windows, improperly sealed windows, wood rot, defective construction, improperly secured wires, loose or improperly installed gutters and downspouts, and improper caulking. In every aluminum siding case, and in some vinyl siding, the sun and weather will bleach the color and cause it to fade. Power washing may cause the faded aspects of the aluminum and vinyl to stand out. EverClean will not be responsible for such conditions. EverClean will not be responsible for the loose mortar that may dislodge during pressure washing.

• Some stains cannot be removed by pressure washing alone. Tree sap, artillery fungus, rust, and splatters from stain and paint are examples of such materials that cannot be removed by conventional means. We will make every attempt to point out these areas to you when quoting the project. Additional fees may apply to the treatment of such stains if the Customer wishes to treat these areas. Some stains cannot be removed at all.

• EverClean expects your property to be in good repair and weathertight. This includes but is not limited to all electrical services including receptacles and light fixtures. Doors and windows shall also be weathertight. EverClean is not responsible for damages as a result of water infiltration from poor or improper installation, maintenance, or repair of electrical-related items or doors or windows. Make sure the windows are closed tightly and notify EverClean prior to the start of your project of any damaged window seals or leaks. If your windows are not sealed properly there may be some leaking, for which EverClean will not take responsibility.

• If you have any questions about the work you have contracted EverClean to perform or changes need to be made, please call BEFORE the start of your project.

• A $25 charge will be assessed and added to your bill if EverClean arrives at the project and the owner/project manager has negated or failed to complete any of the tasks as outlined by this Customer Agreement / Terms and Conditions.

• Inclement weather may affect scheduling. You will be notified immediately of any changes that may affect your project start and completion dates.

• EverClean guarantees all products and labor supplied under this contract to meet or exceed standards of the trade. The warranty does not apply to any damages caused by factors beyond the control of EverClean, such as existing structural defects or products not supplied by EverClean as well as improper maintenance, unusual or usual wear of cleaned surface. EverClean will only be obligated under this warranty for structural damages which are a direct result of operator error and discovered and reported within 7 days of said completion. Upon receipt of written notice, EverClean shall be allowed 30 days from the date of receipt for the purpose of inspecting the premises. EverClean will have the sole option of repairing or contracting repair work correcting any structural damages that are a direct result of operator error. All warranties are limited to those offered by the manufacturer of the products used by EverClean and EverClean provides no additional warranties.

• By signing the Quote, Customer agrees that all of the terms and conditions are satisfactory and hereby accepted. You authorize EverClean to perform the scope of work and the pricing as outlined on the Quote.

• By signing this Quote with EverClean, you are signing a legally binding contract for work to be completed at an agreed-upon price.

• Customer is responsible for contacting EverClean within 48 hours of service with any work quality concerns or questions. EverClean will not be held responsible for any work quality concerns or questions received after 48 hours of service.

• EverClean will impose a surcharge of 2.7% for the processing of all credit card transactions beginning July 23, 2020.

• Payments to EverClean are due upon completion of services unless a contract schedule has been agreed upon, recorded, and filed with our office prior to this project. Late charges may be assessed on all balances not paid in accordance with agreed terms. The customer agrees to pay any collection cost incurred by EverClean related to the collection process of outstanding balances.